Chinavasion Webcam-Fan-In-One Will Blow You Away

Every webcam girl worth her salt knows that there's nothing sexier than the “oh my, is there a breeze in here causing my hair to be all windswept” look, which makes this new accessory from Chinavision absolutely genius. It's a 1.3mp webcam and fan, with both pieces mounted on separate adjustable arms. And in case you… »11/12/08 11:00pm11/12/08 11:00pm


Lightning Review: Babaka Massage Glasses (Verdict: Face Ticklingly Weird)

The Gadget »11/06/08 8:57am11/06/08 8:57am: Microcomputer Massage Glasses. Available as a freebie if you get China-based company Babaka's posture harness (more on that later)... or about $10 if you choose to buy one yourself. : $10 : So apparently these things are supposed to help relax your eyes after hours of staring at a computer. As a blogger,…