China Unicom Planning New Smartphone OS to Compete With Apple and Google

As if there wasn't already enough competition between Apple, Google, HP, Microsoft and RIM in the smartphone space, China Unicom is entering the mix in their own country with the Linux-based WoPhone platform. It already already has support from major handset makers, including HTC, Motorola and HTC. [Cnet] » 2/28/11 11:56pm 2/28/11 11:56pm

China Unicom "Willing to Discuss" iPhone Deal

Now that China Unicom is heaving its 156 million subscribers into the ring across from China Mobile's 350 mil in the opening wrassle for the iPhone's Chinese distribution rights, the American market is looking pretty small. A Unicom exec said: "We're not in any discussions with Apple right now, but we're always… » 11/14/07 2:20pm 11/14/07 2:20pm