Chinavasion Webcam-Fan-In-One Will Blow You Away

Every webcam girl worth her salt knows that there's nothing sexier than the “oh my, is there a breeze in here causing my hair to be all windswept” look, which makes this new accessory from Chinavision absolutely genius. It's a 1.3mp webcam and fan, with both pieces mounted on separate adjustable arms. And in case you… »11/12/08 11:00pm11/12/08 11:00pm

Multimedia Watch Makes Wrist Mounted Accessories Useful (Almost)

The day when the watch is once again a useful piece of technology is looming over us. For proof, check out Chinavasion's Multimedia Watch, which packs in a 1.8-inch LCD (160 x 128), voice recorder, in-built loudspeaker, 8GB flash, as well as support for pretty much every media codec ever conceived. (AVI, MP4, WMV,… »3/04/08 5:00am3/04/08 5:00am

Chinavasion's MP3 Cassette Player Brings The Good Times Back

We have an endearment to cassette inspired gadgets and those who create them. For that reason, we applaud Chinavasion for their spectacular MP3 Cassette Player. It is shaped like a cassette. It is an MP3 player. Does it require any more tricks to seduce you? Probably not, but nonetheless, there is still a little… »8/25/07 6:35pm8/25/07 6:35pm