Incredible aerial view of Chinese New Year's fireworks over Beijing

Apparently, July 4th ain't got nothing on Chinese New Year in Beijing. This video was recorded on an airplane that was landing in Beijing at midnight of Chinese New Year and it shows all the fireworks going off at once across the city. It looks like every corner is firing off explosions at the same time. » 2/24/15 10:31pm 2/24/15 10:31pm

Beijing Olympics Fireworks Line Will Light Up China This Spring Festival

If there's one thing you can't overstate, it's how much the Chinese people loooooved the Olympics. So it was kind of expected that Chinese fireworks makers would capitalize on the magic of the Opening Ceremonies » 11/12/08 1:00am 11/12/08 1:00am by selling . This Chinese New Year, watch for the of fireworks going off all over the country, including…

Gizmodo Salutes the Rat: Happy Chinese New Year!

Not only are we smart, charming and pretty here at Gizmodo, we are also fantastically cultured. As the Chinese New Year is upon us, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all those celebrating it a smashing new year. As a Chinese restaurant placemat our research informs us, the Chinese calendar cycles every… » 2/06/08 12:30pm 2/06/08 12:30pm

Dealzmodo: 24 Free Skype Minutes To Celebrate Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Skype is giving away an incredible 24 minutes of Skypeout time. That saves you from having to spend 50 American cents. Remember that you're not limited to using Skype on your computer, what with all the different phones that have been coming out that tap into the service, like the … » 2/08/07 8:42am 2/08/07 8:42am