Chips That Make Your Cellphone Battery Last Longer

A start-up by the name of SuVolta has done what other manufacturers seemingly can't, and created processors that consume less power than before. License the technology to bigger companies, Fujitsu is already signed on as their first customer. » 6/06/11 4:57am 6/06/11 4:57am

Quad-Core Snapdragon Chipsets Will Blaze Into Devices Next Year

Over the past year, Qualcomm has added a dose of glamor to chipsets, with many of our commenters regularly lambasting manufacturers for not choosing Snapdragon for their products. Those arguments look set to become even more regular, now Qualcomm's confirmed quad-core Snapdragons are on their way, for at least 12x the… » 2/14/11 5:10am 2/14/11 5:10am

Intel Kills Sandy Bridge Chipset Shipments after Admitting Design Flaw

Bad news for those of you who own or were looking to own a Sandy Bridge system. Intel has stopped shipping its 6-Series chipset—used with new Sandy Bridge processors—after finding hard drive and DVD performance-degrading defects. » 1/31/11 12:44pm 1/31/11 12:44pm

Intel's Atom Z6 Moorestown Mobile Chips Will Run Android and MeeGo

Intel's new Z6XX chips under the Moorestown banner will be used in devices running Android or MeeGo, Intel and Nokia's new OS that's sprung from Moblin and Maemo's loins. » 5/05/10 3:28am 5/05/10 3:28am

Intel May Postpone USB 3.0 Support on Chipsets Until 2011

A report has surfaced alleging that Intel has pushed back the implementation of USB 3.0 in its chipsets a whole year, to early 2011. It's unconfirmed, and we hope it's not correct—it'd seriously slow down USB 3.0's adoption. » 10/26/09 8:24pm 10/26/09 8:24pm

Apple Working on Software Fix For iPhone 3G Reception Problems

According to Businessweek, the solution to the iPhone 3G's chipset issues » 8/14/08 2:22pm 8/14/08 2:22pm could be easier than most of us probably expected. Apparently, Apple set up the Infineon chip to demand more of a 3G signal than was necessary, which resulted in a switch back to the slower network if there are too many people in the area using…

iPhone 3G's Sluggish 3G Could Be Caused By Lousy Chipset

GigaOm quotes Richard Windsor, an analyst with Nomura Securities, in saying that the sluggish 3G performance of the iPhone 3G seen globally (not just with AT&T) could be a result of a lousy chipset. He says, "we believe that these issues are typical of an immature chipset and radio protocol stack where we are almost… » 8/12/08 1:21pm 8/12/08 1:21pm

Intel's Centrino 2 Gets Official Launch, Alongside Core 2 Extreme

We learned in May that there would be delays to Intel's Centrino 2 chipset for notebooks, but today it gets an official launch from Intel. That certainly tallies with the slew of notebooks hitting the news which have the chips inside. Alongside the Centrino 2, Intel gives us word on the Core 2 Extreme, which runs at… » 7/15/08 3:57am 7/15/08 3:57am

Samsung Intros Cell-Phone Chip With 4GB of On-Board Memory

It's a sad day for the cell-phone carriers, and anyone else who profiteers by selling overpriced and easy-to-lose MicroSD cards for your phone, because Samsung just announced moviMCP. » 5/30/07 9:01am 5/30/07 9:01am

PS3: So Close, We Can Taste It

This is a bit roundabout, but it's interesting. IC testing house King Yuan Electronics Company, which tests chips that go into the PSP and the Xbox 360, is currently testing a great number of PS3 chipsets, thereby improving their overall financial standing and proving to us that the PS3 should be hitting the streets… » 4/24/06 4:38am 4/24/06 4:38am

Size Doesnt Matter for Swedish Wi-Fi

Nanoradio AB has revealed their ultra-small Wi-Fi chipset today. The NRX700 chip measures 20mm2. Additionally this Wi-Fi chipset is claiming to have the lowest power consumption for a Wi-Fi chip. Nanoradio would ideally like to see their chipset in all of the next-generation mobiles device such as phones, media… » 2/16/06 4:20pm 2/16/06 4:20pm

IBM Aims to Replace Bluetooth and WiFi with New Chipset

IBM is crowing about its new chipset that would allow wireless communication at gigabit speeds. Announced at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, the minuscule component measures just 14mm per side, and includes antennas that will allow data transfers far faster than Bluetooth or WiFi. This announcement,… » 2/08/06 6:15pm 2/08/06 6:15pm