Rumor: Samsung Will Have a 2GHz Dual-Core Phone Next Year

A Samsung rep has been caught claiming that they are "planning to release a 2GHz dual-core CPU-equipped smartphone by next year," adding that "this product will have the data processing capacities of a regular PC." Not only does Samsung plan on using these chips in their own smartphones, they're also hoping to sell the… » 4/18/11 10:10am 4/18/11 10:10am

Intel Will Support USB 3.0 in 2012's Ivy Bridge Chipsets

AMD can't have expected Intel wouldn't be snapping at its heels soon after announcing yesterday they'd be supporting USB 3.0 in two upcoming chipsets. Though AMD didn't specify a timeframe, Intel has said their Ivy Bridge silicon would debut in 2012—and told developers to work on both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 [CNET] » 4/14/11 4:30am 4/14/11 4:30am

AMD Chipsets Will be the First to Support USB 3.0

You may've noticed there are many laptops and PCs out there that support USB 3.0 now, but unfortunately both AMD and Intel haven't added support for the latest version in their chipsets before. This is set to change with AMD's A75 and A70M chipsets, which will be the first to be branded "Superspeed USB." Previously, PC… » 4/13/11 7:40am 4/13/11 7:40am

Quad-Core Snapdragon Chipsets Will Blaze Into Devices Next Year

Over the past year, Qualcomm has added a dose of glamor to chipsets, with many of our commenters regularly lambasting manufacturers for not choosing Snapdragon for their products. Those arguments look set to become even more regular, now Qualcomm's confirmed quad-core Snapdragons are on their way, for at least 12x the… » 2/14/11 5:10am 2/14/11 5:10am

Graphics Benchmark for G2 Shows It Should Be Blazin'

Admittedly, I was a little disappointed to discover the G2's new Snapdragon processor is only clocked at 800MHz, but according to leaked figures from GLBenchmarks, the graphics should run at the same speed as Motorola's Droid X and 2. » 9/09/10 10:22am 9/09/10 10:22am

1.5GHz Snapdragons Arriving End of 2011, 1.2GHz Early Next Year

Unfortunately we won't be seeing any 1.5GHz Snapdragon-powered smartphones before the end of 2011, after Qualcomm's CEO mistakenly told assembled gatherers at an event today that they'd be arriving in Q1. What he meant to say was that the 1.2GHz Snapdragon chips would be arriving in Q1. Whoops. » 9/08/10 12:04pm 9/08/10 12:04pm

Intel May Be About to Buy iPhone Chip Supplier Infineon

According to a Bloomberg report, Intel is closing in on a deal to acquire the wireless unit of Infineon AG. You know, the company responsible for the iPhone's baseband chips since 2007. That's one way to build a mobile presence. » 8/26/10 5:21pm 8/26/10 5:21pm

AMD Vision Refresh: Better, Faster, More

AMD's officially closing the gap. With the help of a slew of major manufacturers, they're putting their processors in nearly three times more notebooks than last year, expanding their Vision branding to desktops, and ramping up performance across the board. » 5/12/10 12:01am 5/12/10 12:01am

Via VN1000 Chipset Classes Up Your Low-End PC With Power-Efficient…

Via's been on a roll lately with power-efficient products, and the VN1000 continues the trend. For those of you with lower-end desktops or all-in-one Windows 7 PCs, the VN1000's your chance at a full HD multimedia experience that's also a stingy power consumer. It supports Blu-ray and DX10.1, DDR3 system memory at… » 12/11/09 11:19am 12/11/09 11:19am

Confirmed: Zune HD Rocks the Nvidia Tegra

We were pretty confident before, but now we've got it straight from the horse's podcast: The Zune HD will indeed pack the Nvidia Tegra chip, which should give it better battery life and enviable video acceleration. [ZuneInsider] » 6/20/09 5:15pm 6/20/09 5:15pm

Zune HD Packs Nvidia Tegra: Better Video and Better Battery Life

If you were wondering how the Zune HD could pack in such iPod touch-beating smoothness into such a small size, we might have an answer for you: It's packing Nvidia's teeny, high-performance Tegra processor. » 6/17/09 1:30am 6/17/09 1:30am