NESynth iPhone App Pumps Out Nintendo-Style Chiptunes

Like the 8Bitone synthesizer app, NESynth lets you create 80s-style music with 8-bit sounds. But the coolest part: You can control it all with an on-screen NES-style gamepad. Watch the rockin' video after the jump to see what I mean. » 8/12/09 9:05am 8/12/09 9:05am

8Bitone Chiptunes Synthesizer App Lets You Mix It Like Mario

Everyone's heard the stories about those guys who play entire concerts on their Game Boys, or who recompose symphonies onto NES cartridges. 8Bitone is kinda like that, except on your iPhone, and without the social suicide aspect. » 5/21/09 4:30am 5/21/09 4:30am