Lightning Review: LG Chocolate 3 Cellphone

The Gadget: The Chocolate 3 from LG, it replaces the old slider with a new thin flip form and adds an extra screen, 1GB of memory, a better camera, FM transmitter and a 3.5mm headphone jack. » 7/15/08 10:40pm 7/15/08 10:40pm

Reminder: Sprint Palm Treo 800w and Verizon LG Chocolate 3 Available Now

Both Palm's Treo 800w (for Sprint) and LG's Chocolate 3 (for Verizon) are on sale right now, a day earlier than their original release dates. The Treo 800w is $250 with a two-year contract and rebate, or $600 without. Chocolate 3 is $129.99 w/ contract. [Sprint, Verizon] » 7/13/08 2:30pm 7/13/08 2:30pm

LG Chocolate 3 Gets Release Date Moved up

Last week we told you that the upcoming LG Chocolate 3 was going to be available July 14th: Verizon have just come up with the news that it'll be available a day earlier, July 13. They're pretty proud of the candybar phone's Verizon Rhapsody interlink, and the "all-in-one" nature of the gizmo as a PMP, cellphone, GPS… » 7/11/08 7:40am 7/11/08 7:40am

LG Chocolate 3 Arriving July 14th

The new LG Chocolate has finally gotten a firm release date-it will go on sale July 14th to Verizon Wireless customers. Remember, this Chocolate is a lot different from LG's candybars of old. It's actually a clamshell with a small, 1.76" touchscreen on the outside and larger 2.22" normal screen on the inside. It… » 7/07/08 11:58am 7/07/08 11:58am

Verizon Gets Rhapsody Subscriptions, DRM-Free Downloads

Verizon customers with certain VCAST phones have some new options for buying music, thanks to Rhapsody. First off, the $15 per month, all-the-songs-you-can-guzzle subscription service is offered on LG's Decoy and Dare, Moto's W755 and Samsung's SCH-u550, Glyde, and Juke, and will be available for the Chocolate 3 when… » 6/30/08 12:01am 6/30/08 12:01am

Visual Voicemail Coming to Verizon... For a Price

Rumor has it that Verizon Wireless will be joining AT&T and Sprint in offering visual voicemail, in this case on four upcoming phones: LG's Chocolate 3 and an updated Voyager (possible software update but more likely hardware refresh), along with the mysteriously code-named "Blaze" and "Utopia" from Motorola. That's… » 6/17/08 11:19pm 6/17/08 11:19pm

LG's Touchscreen Dare, New Chocolate Fipper and Decoy with Piggy-Back…

Verizon Wireless is finally fessing up to three LG phones that it will be delivering to customers in June and July:

• The Dare, aka VX9700: This has a touchscreen but is slim thanks to the absence of a hidden keyboard (like on the bulkier Glyde and Voyager).

Chocolate 3: A phone we hadn't seen before, that ditches… » 6/11/08 10:04am 6/11/08 10:04am