Graffiti'ed AT-AT Walker Up For Grabs at Christie's Auction

If you've got a spare couple of grand loitering in your bank account, and you're a S*** W*** fan, then this graffiti'ed AT-AT walker might be so far up your galaxy it's parked in your constellation. Customised by EASE and JK5 for Suckadelic, the Hasbro toy is tagged in gin-u-wine Aurebesh language, and is expected to… »6/16/08 7:40am6/16/08 7:40am

First-Ever Phone Directory and Instruction Manual to Be Auctioned

This is the world's first phone directory—and it's going up for sale next month in New York at Christie's auctioneers. The Telephone Directory, Volume 1, Number 1, for New Haven, Connecticut, aptly enough, is, at 20 pages, more of a pamphlet than the kind of thing that big strong men rip in half to make the ladies… »5/16/08 12:10pm5/16/08 12:10pm