Japanese Christmas Light Displays Are Simultaneously Absurd and Calming

In south Japan, Mie prefecture is rocking 7 million LED Christmas lights. Hence the awesome light tunnel above. "Illuminations" or Christmas light displays have been a big deal in Japan since the 1980s. But there's something a lot more contemplative about these lights compared to some of the spectacles in the U.S.. » 12/15/13 9:23am 12/15/13 9:23am

Watch Christmas Lights Recreate Star Trek's Beam Me Up Scotty Effect

Even non-Star Trek fans have dreamed about teleporting away to space by just saying Beam Me Up, Scotty. And though it's unlikely to ever happen in our lifetimes (prove me wrong smart people!), the special effects maestro Shanks FX has cooked up a slick way to recreate the Star Trek teleportation effect with Christmas… » 6/13/13 11:00pm 6/13/13 11:00pm

All Christmas Decorations Should Be This Obscene

Someone who works for the city of Brighton either really hates their job, really hates Christmas, or is a 12 year old boy who makes naughty doodles in his middle school notebooks. Another, far more likely possibility: this video is a brilliant fake and the city of Brighton, England is going to have a lot of angry… » 12/13/12 9:53am 12/13/12 9:53am

How Christmas Tree Lights Evolved from Major to Mild Fire Hazard

Before our Christmas tree lighting needs were taken care of with $25 and a trip to Target, creating the atmosphere meant placing candles—wax towers topped with fire—onto seasonal kindling. Think it's frightening now when your dog tugs a branch? Just imagine your living room bursting into flames for the sake of… » 12/08/11 8:00pm 12/08/11 8:00pm

Christmas Lights, The Brief and Strangely Interesting History Of

Thomas Edison was known for his wacky publicity stunts, but during the Christmas of 1880 he went for the sentimental rather than shock value. That year, instead of electrocuting an elephant, he brought us the first electric Christmas light display. » 12/13/09 8:00pm 12/13/09 8:00pm