6 Fixes That Might Make the Chromebook Pixel Worth Buying

I call them Chromebook Pixel apologists. They're coming out of the woodwork to defend Google's super-expensive but flawed $1,299 laptop. You'll hear things like "It obviously isn't for everyone" or "You either get it or you don't." Count me as one of the people who don't get it. As I say in my Chromebook Pixel review, the… » 3/01/13 12:00pm 3/01/13 12:00pm

Hardware Comes Last

Google's Chromebook Pixel is aspirational in nearly every way. It's designed within an inch of its life, a physical specimen worthy of Rodin. Its lines are sharp, its display is crisp. And nearly every review has had the same takeaway: It's amazing. Don't buy it. » 2/27/13 4:27pm 2/27/13 4:27pm

Google Chromebook Pixel Review: Awesome, Just Not $1300 Worth of…

Google set out to build "the best laptop possible." The result: the Chromebook Pixel. A sleek and powerful device designed specifically for life in the cloud. If the display doesn't make your jaw drop, the price tag will. » 2/26/13 12:25pm 2/26/13 12:25pm

Don't Worry, The Chromebook Pixel Isn't Just Stuck Running Chrome OS

The Chromebook Pixel has caught a lot of flak for being an expensive, powerful computer that arguably throws that power away on the stripped down and simple Chrome OS. Well, it doesn't have to be that way if you're game to tinker a little bit. Turns out throwing Linux on that sucker is already a breeze. » 2/23/13 12:00pm 2/23/13 12:00pm

Chromebook Pixel Hands-On: A Lightning Fast Laptop for the Life Online

Yes, the new Google Chromebook Pixel is relatively pricey—especially for something that's not a "real" computer—but it does what it was designed to do really, really well. » 2/21/13 4:49pm 2/21/13 4:49pm

Chromebook Pixel: Google's Retina, Touchscreen, MacBook Pro Counterpunch

Until now, Chromebooks hadn't been much more than glorified netbooks; underpowered curios best suited for technological novices. The 13-inch, touchscreen, retina-displayed, full-powered Chromebook Pixel, though, appears to be anything but. And it should be enough to make Apple at least a little nervous. At least until… » 2/21/13 2:00pm 2/21/13 2:00pm