13 Concept Cars From the Past That Still Feel Like the Future

When I was a kid, I always loved it when auto show season came around, and the concept cars hit the stage. Looking at those uncommon curves felt like looking into the future, where roads twisted through the heavens and The Jetsons read like a historical document. It's funny how that feeling survives. » 5/05/14 12:45pm 5/05/14 12:45pm

Chrysler Gearing Up For In-Car Wi-Fi In 2009 Models Via Autonet

Chrysler is poised to be the first car manufacturer to offer built-in internet access in its vehicles. The service, called Uconnect Web, uses existing wireless data networks for internet access it then shares with devices in the car via Wi-Fi, essentially turning your car into one big hot spot. The core device, which… » 8/12/08 9:00pm 8/12/08 9:00pm

Chrysler UConnect In-Car Wi-Fi Detailed

Chrysler hasn't exactly hidden their intentions on bringing Wi-Fi to their automobiles, but today they've come forth with all the fun details. If you're interested in the UConnect service, the wireless broadband router will cost $449 plus another $50 for installation. Then, if you'd actually like to browse the web on… » 6/26/08 11:45am 6/26/08 11:45am

Chrysler Cars With In-Car Internet and WiFi This Year; Road Safety…

Chrysler has announced its intention to bring internet access to its vehicles. The functionality will be added to existing models this year, and will be followed by assembly line produced, internet ready automobiles. The connections will rely on mobile phone towers and a monthly subscription charge will be levied on… » 3/23/08 12:15pm 3/23/08 12:15pm

Chrysler Brings Car Radios Into the 21st Century

A high-end fancy car like a Lexus is usually stoked with all the latest tech stuff such as hard drives, but now Chrysler has gotten into the act, offering MyGig, a 20GB hard drive that you can order as an option. Our grease-monkey brothers at Jalopnik tell us the hard drive is embedded in the dashboard, and not only… » 7/17/06 10:10am 7/17/06 10:10am