Everything You Need To Turn Your Basement Into Your Own Private Chuck…

As a kid was there anything better than going to Chuck E. Cheese's for a friend's birthday party? Absolutely not. But in hindsight, was it really so great? You had to wait in line for the arcade games, there was usually someone's younger sibling who wouldn't stop crying, and every last inch of that place felt like it… » 4/24/12 3:40pm 4/24/12 3:40pm

Chuck E. Cheese Arcade: A Place Where Moms Punch Dads In the Face

Chuck E. Cheese, the arcade with robot band, is a violent place. An uninvited kid joined a birthday party. And when the cops showed up, they found a rumble between 40 bloodthirsty parents. » 12/14/08 12:40pm 12/14/08 12:40pm

Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell to be Portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio

A movie based on Nolan Bushnell's founding of Atari was sold to Paramount on Friday and Leonardo Dicaprio is set to play the lead. Most people remember Bushnell for Atari, but I remember him for the scathing pit of rancid pizza and yuppie spawn called Chuck E. Cheese. » 6/07/08 2:47pm 6/07/08 2:47pm