Mean Tweeters Have Forced Incoherent Senator Chuck Grassley To Make His…

You may have noticed a certain indescribable gaping hole on Twitter over the past few months, and you're not alone. BuzzFeed hunted down the root of the problem to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley's uncharacteristically coherent, and no longer seemingly-fever-dream-induced recent tweets. » 3/05/13 4:33pm 3/05/13 4:33pm

Will Someone Please Teach Chuck Grassley How to Put His iPhone on…

Official Worst Tweeter Chuck Grassley today further proved his technological ineptitude, when in the middle of his own speech on the senate floor, the senator's iPhone began to ring, interrupting his discussion of some unspecified "standards." » 6/06/12 8:40pm 6/06/12 8:40pm

Colbert Discovers Chuck Grassley, America's Worst Tweeter

We have covered the unintelligible tweets of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley before. Last night, Stephen Colbert finally got in on the action. Glorious. » 4/11/12 11:37am 4/11/12 11:37am

Senator Chuck Grassley Dishes on Why He Sucks at Twitter

Since November 26th, 2007, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has unleashed 1830 tweets worth of frequently incomprehensible, crazy/beautiful Twitterness. Are his tweets 140-character poetry, a Joycean prank, or merely the handiwork of aging fingers on a touchscreen? In an interview with BLT, Senator Grassley explains all » 4/09/12 5:20pm 4/09/12 5:20pm


It's not easy being Chuck Grassley. First, some jerk makes fun of your inability to spell on Twitter. Then, you continue to use Twitter without learning how to use a keyboard. Then you're hacked. But will an iPhone change everything? » 2/13/12 6:42pm 2/13/12 6:42pm

Senile Twitter Senator Grassley Hacked Hard (By Anonymous?)

Senator Chuck Grassley, previously documented for his inability to express a coherent thought via World Wide Web, just had that burden removed: his Twitter account has been hacked. For the first time ever, his tweets make sense! » 1/23/12 1:38pm 1/23/12 1:38pm

Senator Chuck Grassley Is the Worst Twitter User in the United States…

Last year, 77 year-old Iowan senator Chuck Grassley vowed to do anything for reelection—including picking up Twitter. We almost wish he hadn't. Grassley's 1,147 tweets are possibly among the most incoherent, confounding, mind-boggling text on the internet. » 4/28/11 2:15pm 4/28/11 2:15pm