Mean Tweeters Have Forced Incoherent Senator Chuck Grassley To Make His Tweets Boring and/or Sane

You may have noticed a certain indescribable gaping hole on Twitter over the past few months, and you're not alone. BuzzFeed hunted down the root of the problem to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley's uncharacteristically coherent, and no longer seemingly-fever-dream-induced recent tweets. »3/05/13 4:33pm3/05/13 4:33pm


Senator Chuck Grassley Dishes on Why He Sucks at Twitter

Since November 26th, 2007, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has unleashed 1830 tweets worth of frequently incomprehensible, crazy/beautiful Twitterness. Are his tweets 140-character poetry, a Joycean prank, or merely the handiwork of aging fingers on a touchscreen? In an interview with BLT, Senator Grassley explains all »4/09/12 5:20pm4/09/12 5:20pm