Chuck Norris one ups Van Damme's Volvo truck ad with airplanes—and CGI

Remember Jean-Claude Van Damme's split between two Volvo trucks, the ad that wasn't computer generated but an actual stunt? Well, Chuck Norris splitting between two Lockheed C-5 Galaxy with a squad of special forces on top of his hat is CGI. But that doesn't matter, because if Chuck wanted, Chuck would totally do it. »12/20/13 1:10am12/20/13 1:10am


iPhone Shoulder Holster Is Chuck Norris' Favorite Fashion Accessory

Apparently created for police detectives, construction workers, or anyone with zero sense of fashion and/or shame, the e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster is just that: A shoulder holster which, according to the manufacturer, "is designed to evolve »11/14/08 9:30am11/14/08 9:30am and adapt to the reality of constant state of change in personal…

China Anti-Terrorist Plan Includes Flamethrowers, Segways, Chuck Norris Clones

Great Wall 5 is the codename for China's Summer Olympics anti-terrorist operations. They say they will use "police forces, the People's Armed Police, the People's Liberation Army and the health, environmental protection, meteorology and transportation departments," but I can also see flamethrowers, SWATs on Segways,… »7/18/08 10:00am7/18/08 10:00am