Is Our Lack of a Good Smart TV About to be Solved by... Chumby?

Last we heard of Chumby, it was getting all growed up with an 8-inch screen. But now our dear Wi-Fi widget hub's been shot with the Godzilla ray or Rick Moranis or something, and its interface has been humongified to fit on your television. And that might be really good for the future of the smart TV. » 9/08/11 10:09am 9/08/11 10:09am

Chumby8: All Grownsed Up and Ready For Pre-Orders

As we'd gotten a glimpse of before, our little Chumby has undergone the type of cute-to-sexy transition not heard of since late-90s Britney Spears. What's now officially known as the Chumby8 features an 8-inch 800x400 LCD display, an overhauled user interface that lets you manage apps directly from the unit, and most… » 3/23/11 9:31am 3/23/11 9:31am

Antique Chumby Clock Will Fool Your Granny and Impress Your Twitter…

Our commenters on the Chumby hollowed-out book are right: we need a Chumby guts Photoshop competition. But in the meantime check out this "Chumbaphone," which squeezes Chumby guts into a wooden clock, adding brass horns for that authentic Wi-Fi experience. » 12/07/09 10:32am 12/07/09 10:32am

Chumby One Focuses More on Radio, Loses the Beanbag

Two-years after the first Chumby helped kick-start widgets in Wi-Fi gadgets, a new version looks likely for November. First spied on blurrycam in August, the Chumby One has a new hard shell, FM and Internet radio, and a faster processor. » 9/30/09 5:44am 9/30/09 5:44am

'Powered by Chumby' Gadgets to Be Dropped Off In Time for Santa

We already knew that Chumby, maker of that adorable little Wi-Fi widget beanbag, was planning on porting its open-source platform to other gadgets, but we now have an ETA: this holiday season. » 8/19/09 12:30pm 8/19/09 12:30pm

Chumby Is Merging With TVs and Blu-ray Players

I'm not sure if Chumby's widgets, minus the Chumby, are all that appealing—while everything with a power button has widgets nowadays, Chumby's adorable, squishy form factor was why we liked it. » 2/23/09 11:20am 2/23/09 11:20am