Does This Geometric Church Look Like A Stegosaurus Doing Yoga?

The aptly-named 100 Walls Church in Cebu, Philippines, is like an architectural Rorschach test: From far away, it looks like shards of shale rock rearranged by an extreme rationalist. Up close, it's something closer to an oversized geometric maze. CAZA Architects, who designed the building, describe it on their site… »3/05/14 3:20pm3/05/14 3:20pm

How a Giant Replica of the Vatican Ended Up In a Small African City

Construction on the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace of Yamoussoukro, the largest church on earth, started 28 years ago in the small Ivory Coast city of Yamoussoukro. Planned by then-president Félix Houphouët-Boigny, who led the country through two decades of economic boomtime known as the "Ivorian miracle," the church… »1/14/14 3:30pm1/14/14 3:30pm

Man Steals Computer From Church, Asks If They'll Remove Porn Block

Stealing computers is bad—everybody already knows that. And stealing from a church (or any non-profit institution for that matter) is extra bad. But if you must steal a computer from a church—especially one you're a member of—don't call up the software blocking company and ask if they'll remove the porn filter. As… »8/08/13 1:00pm8/08/13 1:00pm