What If Buying Hard Cider Was Like Buying an Apple Product

Somersby Cider in the UK created a cheeky commercial that pokes fun of Apple product launches by imagining a world where buying hard cider is like getting a new iPhone. The Genius Bar would be a real bar and workers would talk about how many cores inside the apple, how many pits and how to use the "in to face" and… » 3/28/13 1:00am 3/28/13 1:00am

TransGaming's Cider Lets Enhanced Windows Games Run On Mac

No rebooting with Boot Camp and no Parallels software required to make these Cider-enhanced Windows games run on Mac. The only requirement is for game developers to include the Cider software in their game-builds for Windows, and Cider will handle all the translation between Windows and OS X. No major rebuild and… » 8/04/06 4:58pm 8/04/06 4:58pm