Blackmagic Cinema Camera Review: Sacrifices for Superior Shots

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is unlike any video camera you have ever seen. When it was announced in April of last year, slackjawed videographers marveled at this little camera, made by a little software & post production hardware company, that shoots RAW files at 2.5k resolution for only $3000. It was the kind of… »7/09/13 1:28pm7/09/13 1:28pm


BlackMagic Cinema Camera: Whopping 2.5K Resolution for Under $3000

Post-production hardware and software company Black Magic Design has just announced their entry in the camera-making business with their Cinema Camera. The cam rocks 2.5K recording in RAW formats, meaning the image won't suffer due to in-camera compression and will presumably preserve extremely broad dynamic range.… »4/16/12 12:31pm4/16/12 12:31pm