Yo! Apple's NAB Event Tomorrow Here at 11AM PST

Remember: Be here tomorrow at 11am PST to watch us blog the Apple event at NAB, the National Association of Broadcasters conf in Las Vegas. We don't know what's coming down the pipe in a little more than 12 hours from now, but Apple at NAB has historically been all about AV software launches. In 2005, the company… » 4/14/07 11:11pm 4/14/07 11:11pm

Apple Cinema Displays Get Chunky Price Cuts

It's been a busy morning for the gang in Cupertino. In addition to the spankin' new 8-core Mac Pro, Apple has also lowered the pricing on its Cinema Displays. The once $799 20-inch LCD is now going for $599, whereas the $1,299 23-incher is now going for $899. But perhaps the biggest cut goes to the 30-inch display,… » 4/04/07 11:11am 4/04/07 11:11am

Black iMacs and 8-Core Mac Pros Expected Next Month

MacScoop claims to have the inside dirt on next month's rumored Apple announcements, saying we're in for a full barrage of hardware releases, including a black 24-inch iMac and 8-core Mac Pros (no word on whether they'll be sporting new designs). Also in store for us are 15-inch MacBooks and new Cinema Displays with… » 2/22/07 3:46pm 2/22/07 3:46pm