Video-On-Demand: A Complete Guide to All the TV and Movie Downloading…

Stop watching movies and TV shows according to Hollywood's schedule! With video-on-demand, you can watch TV whenever you want, wherever you want, and you don't even have to remember to program a box to record it. Here's MaximumPC's take on the major online VOD services available today. » 5/11/11 10:00am 5/11/11 10:00am

Best Buy's CinemaNow Streaming Movie Service Begins This Month

We've known Best Buy's CinemaNow-branded streaming service was in the works for some time now, but it's finally launching this month. At the moment, this only concerns those of you with an LG Blu-ray player, since you'll have access to $3-$4 rentals (and more expensive purchases) first. As the service is refined, it… » 5/18/10 8:39am 5/18/10 8:39am

Hollywood Studios Strike DivX Deal for Download-to-Own Movies

There are a ton of devices that support DivX playback (the PS3, DVD and Blu-ray players, etc), so news of Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Bros agreeing for their movies to be downloaded in DivX for the first time is actually pretty interesting. And any added competition for iTunes and Cinema Now is only going… » 8/26/09 8:01am 8/26/09 8:01am

Roxio CinemaNow Brings Streaming Movies to the Wii (in Japan)

Well, it's Japan-only for now, but the Wii is finally starting to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the only category in which it's in third place: Media center functionality. CinemaNow, apparently, is the guinea pig of choice. » 6/25/09 6:30am 6/25/09 6:30am

CinemaNow Showing Up On, "Select Devices at Best Buy"

CinemaNow, the subscription-less, on-demand streaming movie service, is partnering up with Best Buy. What does that mean? CinemaNow will stream from their website, and we'll see more supported hardware in their stores. » 6/05/09 6:40am 6/05/09 6:40am

Blockbuster Consumes CinemaNow, Still Misses the Point

Still desperately playing catch-up, Blockbuster has struck a deal that brings its pay-per-view streaming service to anything that supports CinemaNow, which will now be known as a Blockbuster-branded service. But it's still no Netflix. » 1/14/09 9:20am 1/14/09 9:20am

LG Adds YouTube and CinemaNow to Blu-ray Players

I know what you've been thinking, Mr. Home Theater Enthusiast. "Why can't I watched low rez Flash clips on my awesome HDTV and Blu-ray player?" Thanks to LG...Now. You. Can. » 12/30/08 10:15am 12/30/08 10:15am

TiVo Cheats on Amazon for Disney Content

While TiVo's offered Amazon Unbox downloads for some time, apparently TiVo isn't opposed to playing the field. The company just signed another video on demand partner, Cinemanow, to bring in Disney content. Their library is tiny with only 1,500 titles and we're not certain whether TiVo will only be accessing their… » 5/28/08 8:57am 5/28/08 8:57am

CinemaNow Extends Video Download Service to Xbox 360s

Unsatisfied with the selection on Xbox 360's Marketplace for movies? CinemaNow, the PC movie download and rental store, has updated their Media Manager software to allow rented or purchased movies to be viewed on the Xbox 360. Over 7,000 of them. » 7/17/07 9:28pm 7/17/07 9:28pm

ExtremeTech Puts Movie Download Sites to the Test

We all know about the Internet's illegal movie sites, but what's a law-abiding netizen to do if they want a quick movie fix from the comfort of their PC. ExtremeTech has gone through the trouble of taking five of today's most popular movie services out for a spin. » 1/03/07 6:01pm 1/03/07 6:01pm

CinemaNow is MS' bitch, requiring both IE…

CinemaNow to Offer Fox Content Online

The march of the majors into the dark and dangerous online world continues, where CinemaNow announced it will offer films and TV shows from the Fox Entertainment Group. Starting today, you'll be able to take your pick of "a wide selection" of downloadable 20th Century Fox movies, according to a statement from News… » 6/13/06 11:43am 6/13/06 11:43am

CinemaNow: Disney and Porn

Looks like Goofy might be giving Mickey more than a headache. Most of the headlines regarding this move discuss just the Disney partnership, but it seems Vivid is now letting you download PR()N and burn it onto a disk for later perusal. » 6/02/06 2:48pm 6/02/06 2:48pm