Google Glass Is Now Banned From Movie Theaters Across the U.S.

Google Glass is often viewed with disdain in public spaces, and now that includes the cinema. The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theater Owners have decided to ban the device and its ilk from movie theaters nationwide. » 10/30/14 4:54am 10/30/14 4:54am

The Internet Chooses the Movies at This Clever Stoop Cinema

We've seen loads of pop-up urbanism over the past few years, from parks to libraries, all designed to turn dead urban space into lively ones. But how do you stop people from immersing themselves in their phone screens in public? By building a larger screen, where they can be immersed together! » 6/27/13 6:27pm 6/27/13 6:27pm

IMAX is Opening 100 Cinemas a Year in China

Guess we know which country likes "larger than life" films the most. With IMAX opening 100 cinemas a year there over the next 2 - 3 years they'll be buying up a lot of pairs of 3D glasses. As of last year, there were 445 IMAX cinemas globally. [Variety] » 3/24/11 4:40am 3/24/11 4:40am

XpanD's Universal 3D Glasses On Sale June For Not Much More Than The…

Each manufacturer I've spoken to has said that only their glasses will work with their 3D TVs, which certainly throws a spanner in the works when you look at the $150 price. XpanD reckons theirs can work with any TV. » 3/17/10 4:34am 3/17/10 4:34am