G-FI: "The World's First Wireless GPS Accessory for the iPhone"

Hot off the heels of yesterday's press event, PosiMotion is laying claim to the first wireless GPS accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch. I'm sure the built in locator and google maps program will be just fine for most, but the GPS add-on will actually be compatible with any device with a Wi-Fi connection, but will… » 3/07/08 4:02am 3/07/08 4:02am

Wi-Fi Moto Q9 Unboxed, Heading to AT&T?

Boy Genius just got his hands on a new Moto Q9 that features Wi-Fi, AT&T branding and a slight color change. In addition to the hardware upgrade, the new Q9 is shipping with Windows Mobile 6.1, complete with a new user interface. Boy Genius notes the speediness of browsing online with the Q9 and seems generally… » 12/03/07 2:22pm 12/03/07 2:22pm

Hype Sheet: What Happens in Vega$...

The Pitch We've seen this approach before, eh? Looks like one of those AT&T commercials in which a dropped call leads to an awkward situation—a mother spontaneously revealing her sexually licentious past, for example, or Roger Clemens pushing it one season too far. But this schlubby hubby's problem isn't poor… » 10/25/07 5:09pm 10/25/07 5:09pm

AT&T Brings Back Cingular Orange to "Mobilize" Brand; Jack's Still Dead

After spending an ungodly amount of money to kill Jack and mutate the Cingular brand into the "new AT&T," they've decided that Cingular's orange palette offered a "younger, edgier and more contemporary style—all attributes closely associated with wireless." But clearly not AT&T. So, they're rebranding. Again. Look for… » 9/12/07 11:40am 9/12/07 11:40am

Official AT&T 8525 Windows Mobile 6 ROM Leaked

Just like the T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade was leaked about a week before the real release, AT&T's 8525 update has just been dumped onto the internet as well. What does this mean to you? Two things. » 7/16/07 7:30pm 7/16/07 7:30pm

AT&T Debuts Slender 3G Samsung a717 and a727

Slim and slick, the SGH-a717 is a flip phone with a 2 megapixel camera that costs $150 (with two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate). Its sister, the SGH-a727, is a candy bar with 1.3 megapixel camera that costs $100 (with the same two-year yadda yadda). » 6/01/07 8:00am 6/01/07 8:00am

Columbia Professor: "Open Up That Spectrum, Mr. FCC"

Right now to enter the wireless market, you pretty much have to go through of the Big Four wireless providers, who, as Columbia professor Tim Wu puts it, "tend to approve only established partners whose devices fit their business plans, which is why we have yet to see all those wireless devices that were supposed to… » 5/21/07 9:15pm 5/21/07 9:15pm

AT&T Mobile Backup Secures Your Contacts

It's kind of a pain to back up the numbers in your phone even for people who know how, so imagine how your mother feels. Now you can skip the Google search to see if your phone's compatible with your computer by just using AT&T's Mobile Backup. » 5/17/07 8:20pm 5/17/07 8:20pm

RAZR2 and The Four Carriers

I'm pretty excited about the new RAZR 2, and why shouldn't I be? It just launched today. One of the positive aspects that Ed Zander stressed during the unveiling is that the RAZR 2 will be out in two versions (EDGE and HSDPA) for GSM carriers and a third version (EVDO) for CDMA carriers. My guess, however, is that… » 5/15/07 4:58pm 5/15/07 4:58pm

Rumormania: Apple Putting 3G into MacBooks?

This rumor seems to come out of nowhere, but the combination of wishful thinking and high-end technology is what makes it so good. AppleInsider says a source told them Apple will integrate 3G access into a MacBook model. Other laptop makers have already introduced the trend into their business and "luxury" models, but… » 5/14/07 4:20pm 5/14/07 4:20pm

Sizemodo: Helio Ocean vs. Everything (including iPhone)

We know you're itching for more Helio Ocean coverage, so here it is: a live Sizemodo of the Helio Ocean vs. every phone we have. First, we'll kick it off with a similar type of device: the slide-out QWERTY smartphone. In the middle we have the Helio Ocean, on the left there's the T-Mobile MDA, and on the right is the… » 5/09/07 3:46pm 5/09/07 3:46pm

Samsung BlackJack Getting Windows Mobile 6 Update After June?

Nothing's certain yet, but rumor has it the BlackJack won't be getting a Windows Mobile 6 update until some time after June. AT&T users were probably counting on somewhat of an earlier update, seeing as T-Mobile's Dash already got theirs last week, but no such luck (supposedly) for now. Of course, this is from… » 5/07/07 9:40pm 5/07/07 9:40pm

N75 Pricing: $100 or $150?

We know that the Nokia N75 is going to hit AT&T very soon now, but a tipster just dropped in a note about how much it's going to cost. He says the AT&T store cost is a little north of $300, so you can probably expect about $100 or $150 to be the price you'll pay with a two-year contract agreement. Not too bad a price,… » 5/02/07 9:40pm 5/02/07 9:40pm

AT&T and HTC Update the 8525 (Sorry, Not WM6)

We were pretty bummed to see that AT&T and HTC America released an update for the Cingular 8525 that wasn't a Windows Mobile 6 ROM. But if you've been waiting for bug fixes (like Daylight Saving Time) along with Cingular Video, AT&T Music, Push-to-Talk and BlackBerry Connect support, this is the update for you. » 5/02/07 5:00pm 5/02/07 5:00pm

Cingular Offers Blackberry Outage Rebates

Remember that time when your Blackberry didn't work? You know, when that important Glengarry lead emailed you interested in investment services? And when you didn't write back all Hell broke loose. You lost the client, your job, your wife/car/house/lap dog. » 4/21/07 9:28pm 4/21/07 9:28pm

Palm Treo 750 Runs Windows Mobile 6 Pretty Well

Cingular users who picked up a Palm Treo 750 » 3/21/07 6:00pm 3/21/07 6:00pm will be glad to know that the phone runs with very little trouble. Ciccone over at Mobility Today got his hands on an engineering sample from HTC and made this video of the phone using WM6 instead of WM5.

AT&T/Cingular Denying Free Conference Calls to Subscribers

If you've had to do phone conferencing at work, you're probably familiar with these free conference services that AT&T/Cingular has just decided to block. The company claims that these services, many of which are terminated (the end point of the call) in a call exchange in Iowa that has a 712 area code. The local… » 3/20/07 12:00pm 3/20/07 12:00pm

Dealzmodo: Make $25 Buying a Samsung Blackjack

Amazon has a pretty good deal on the Samsung Blackjack. After all is said and done Amazon will pay you $25 to take this phone. Sign up for next Cingular service, or extend your contract to receive this phone for $50. Tack on a $75 mail-in-rebate to earn some free money. If you stroll into a Cingular store to pick up… » 3/14/07 7:45pm 3/14/07 7:45pm

NYT Trendspotting: Everyone's Copying the Apple Store

Leaping from the introduction of the new AT&T Experience store (pictured anticlimactically above), which aims to shove all of the services offered by the hydra company in your face within the confines of a single space (the AT&T experience, no doubt), to Verizon's own innovatively named Verizon Experience store, which… » 3/13/07 12:36pm 3/13/07 12:36pm