Artist Treats Gdansk to "Real" Fake Flashing UFO Encounter

Dominic Harris of Cinimod Studio, who recently brought you the hypnotizing Illuminating Table, has just produced a new artwork that's even more startling. Particularly startling if you were walking the streets of Gdansk last Friday with a bit too much goldwasser swirling inside you: it's a huge, flashing, LED-lit UFO.… »7/09/08 9:45am7/09/08 9:45am


Illuminating Table Opens Portal to New Dimension, Doesn't Require LSD

Probably designed by Reed Richards as an alternative way to get into the Negative Zone, Cinimod Studio's Illuminating Table is designed to a) create a "virtually boundless sense of space" thanks to a three-dimensional matrix of globular lights and different glass layers; b) transport you to a new state of… »6/23/08 7:21am6/23/08 7:21am