Dealzmodo: Circuit City is Shipwrecked, but the Flotsam and Jetsam Have a Great Price-Match Guarantee

Circuit City's price guarantee »10/11/08 6:30pm10/11/08 6:30pm was always a little wonky: the only prices they'd match were from local brick-and-mortar vendors, which excludes even their own online site. But sneaky tipster Kevin has caught wind that Circuit City, in the midst of and/or , is due to accept any verifiable price, from any retailer,…

Blockbuster Drops Bid for Circuit City, Making Future For Both Unsure

We were excited for the merger talks between Blockbuster Video and Circuit City, as that union could create a probable entertainment behemoth, and we don't mean like Paula Abdul. Sadly word is coming down that Blockbuster is pulling its offer for Circuit off the table. Apparently it was ultimately decided that the… »7/01/08 11:01pm7/01/08 11:01pm