This Printer Churns Out Complex Double-Layered Circuit Boards

3D printers are well on their way to eventually creating perfect replicas of almost any object we can imagine, as long as they don't rely on any electronics inside to function. But devices like the new Voltera, a printer that churns out prototypes of complex dual-layer circuit boards, is a sign that this won't always… »2/10/15 12:20pm2/10/15 12:20pm


The Othermill Will Let You Cut Custom Circuit Boards and More

If you've got DIY in your soul and love the beeps, bloops and lights of circuit boards, the Othermill is a computer-controlled mill that'll let you print your own circuit boards right at home. Even more, the mill can cut metal, wood, wax and plastic so you can make jewelry, molds and more. It's a milling machine for… »5/09/13 9:16pm5/09/13 9:16pm

Here's How to Rip Apart a Computer and Melt the Circuit Boards for Gold (So You Can Survive the Next Financial Apocalypse)

Screw the stock market, screw cash monies, I'm putting everything I have in gold. And you know where you can pan for gold these days? Your old computer. There's always been tiny traces of gold (some as thinner than human hair) on the circuit boards. Just rip 'em and melt 'em for a gold nugget. »8/22/11 9:20pm8/22/11 9:20pm

Junk Computers Could Fuel Cars One Day: Holding Breath...Now

You know that crappy computer you have been meaning to toss out? Hold on there, my friend—the next breakthrough vehicle fuel source could be contained within its valuable circuit boards (although most likely not). Scientists in Romania and Turkey have employed a combination of catalysts, high temperatures and chemical… »5/14/08 8:00pm5/14/08 8:00pm

Japanese Researchers Recycle Old Cell Phone Parts into PCs

Recycled cell phone parts are being used alongside circuit boards to make pocket-sized PCs. A team of engineers at Hokuto System is behind the idea, which will be available in Japan before the end of the year, and is known as DVIEW. It won't, however, be available to consumers. Instead, they will be used in shops as a… »11/23/07 8:05am11/23/07 8:05am