Standing Over Circuit City's Cooling Corpse, Walmart Steps Up Its…

Where many see death and despair, Walmart's executives see opportunity. Starting this week, the big-box giant is drastically expanding its stores' electronics sections, hoping to compete head-on with the likes of Best Buy and Amazon. » 5/18/09 7:28am 5/18/09 7:28am

Listen to Giz on PRI's This American Life

Our call for employee stories from Circuit City's final liquidation sales/forced death marches brought us some fascinating material last month. On Sunday, PRI/NPR PRI radio program This American Life did a swell little rendition of it for their 'Scenes From a Recession' episode, which you can listen to here » 3/30/09 5:40am 3/30/09 5:40am

Best Buy Staff Paid Bonuses to Deny Legit Guaranteed Price Matches

Best Buy, like many other stores, has a public "price matching" policy. But HD Guru reports that according to internal docs, personnel are trained to deny price-matches and even paid bonuses for shutting them down. » 3/23/09 10:40am 3/23/09 10:40am

Buying an HDTV From Circuit City Liquidation Is Like Lottery From Hell

A horrible reminder about how you could get screwed by Circuit City's merciless liquidiation overlords: Two customers bought shattered LCD TVs—you're not allowed to open the box to check 'em—and are totally out $1100. » 2/23/09 3:00pm 2/23/09 3:00pm