Circuit City Liquidation FAQ: Gift Cards, Warranties and Repairs

Circuit City is liquidating and everything is pretty much a mess. But there are a few points to know if you have been a customer in the recent past, or plan to be soon. » 1/19/09 7:20pm 1/19/09 7:20pm

Circuit City Closeout Deals Aren't Deals At All

Those poor saps who bumrushed Circuit City this weekend thinking they'd save money on a TV were paying more—before sales tax—than at most online stores, according to HDGuru and our own quick survey. » 1/19/09 12:50am 1/19/09 12:50am

Liquidation Overlords, Utter Chaos Have Taken Over Circuit City

Circuit City stores across the U.S. descended into chaos this weekend following the box chain's demise earlier this week, with many outlets reporting long lines, spotty sales and insanity that had supplanted consumers' good sense. » 1/18/09 5:00pm 1/18/09 5:00pm