These Printed Circuits Could Connect Any Object For Just a Few Cents

When we think about the connected world, we think about hardware—from Twine to Nest—that connects our household appliances to the web for a pretty penny. But according to Quartz, one firm is pioneering an alternative that's cheap, easy to make, and embeddable in nearly any product. » 7/01/14 6:30pm 7/01/14 6:30pm

G1 Teardown Reveals Dupe of Blackberry Trackball, Twin Vibrators

The guys over at TechOn » 10/31/08 1:20pm 10/31/08 1:20pm weren't content to merely handle the Android phone—they wanted to play with its innards too. There was an immediate snag: two chassis screws wouldn't undo, so they had to force the casing. Once inside though, the phone revealed itself to be the standard messy circuitry and wire-looms affair,…

Lead Being Outlawed Means Your Gadgets are at Risk

Small splinters that randomly occur in tin solder, which laces the insides of gadgets, usually result in circuits shorting out. NASA missions, pacemakers and energy plants have all failed at some point due to the phenomenon. Conservative estimates of the cost of such splinters, or whiskers as they are named, have… » 10/07/07 6:10pm 10/07/07 6:10pm