Cisco's Going to Ship Its Equipment to Empty Houses to Dodge the NSA

The NSA is willing to go frighteningly far for your secrets, but at least one hardware manufacturer is willing to go further. A Cisco executive just said his company will ship its networking equipment to vacant addresses to avoid NSA interception. Clever idea. » 3/19/15 12:50pm 3/19/15 12:50pm

According to Reuters, Blackberry is asking Google, Samsung, LG, Cisco, basically anybody with money to buy BlackBerry entirely or at the very least, certain parts of the company. This is seen as an alternative in case the finances don't work out in going private. » 10/04/13 9:04pm 10/04/13 9:04pm

iRobot Makes It Easier To Show Up To Work While At Home In Your PJs

Email, the internet, and a host of other advancements in office technology have finally made the dream of working from home a reality. But sometimes you just need to be in the office, and thanks to a collaboration between iRobot and Cisco, you still don't need to change out of your pajamas to get chewed out by your… » 6/10/13 8:00am 6/10/13 8:00am

Hack Turns Cisco's Desk Phone Into a Spying Device

Cisco's internet phones—which sit on thousands of desks around the world—have been shown to be easily hacked and turned into remote spying devices. The official announcement comes two whole weeks after Cisco first found out about the problem. » 1/10/13 9:53am 1/10/13 9:53am

Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Others Urge Congress to Free Up Spectrum

A band of tech giants, including Apple, Samsung, and Nokia, has sent a letter—yes, a letter!—to Congress, urging it to free more spectrum for mobile data. » 12/12/12 8:30am 12/12/12 8:30am

Scary Cisco Executive Vows to Make Finding a Whistleblower His Personal…

Last week, an internal memo from Cisco was leaked to the press. It was in response to reports that Cisco had overcharged California State University $100 million to use its network. Well, the leak made people at Cisco angry, and that anger has materialized into a bizarre manhunt, executed by one vice president, in his… » 11/09/12 4:01pm 11/09/12 4:01pm

Cisco Connect Cloud Lightning Review: Manage A Network's Competing…

If you have a bunch of devices sharing a network, the bandwidth can get bottlenecked. For new Linksys routers, Cisco is solving that problem with Connect Cloud, a platform that lets you manage all of your connections from anywhere. » 7/11/12 4:20pm 7/11/12 4:20pm

This Is How Big the Internet Is

The internet is a big and amorphous thing to talk about. What's it made of? Web pages? Articles? Facebook? Stuff you can blow up? How about just how much people actually use it. According to Cisco, we chewed through 30.7 exabytes per month last year. That's the equivalent of about 6 billion 5GB HD movies. » 5/30/12 2:22pm 5/30/12 2:22pm

NYC Subways Getting Their Very Own 47-Inch Touchscreens

Because why not? Many a New Yorker has been caught unawares by service changes, delays, and other forms of public transit fuckery. With that in mind, NYC Transit and Cisco are installing 47-inch On the Go! Travel Stations for flustered commuters. » 9/19/11 9:40am 9/19/11 9:40am

China Enlists Cisco To Spy On the Public

500,000 cameras have been purchased by the Chinese government for installation in the Chongqing city over the coming three years, to keep an eye out for crime, but more importantly political activists. Or so human-rights warriors fret. » 7/05/11 9:55am 7/05/11 9:55am

Cisco Cius: The Biggest Difference Between a Tablet and a Business…

Oh, Cisco. I appreciate that you're elbowing your way to a seat at the Android tablet table. Everyone else is! But dropping a $750 Android slate on an unsuspecting enterprise market is not how you make friends, Cisco. » 6/29/11 5:40pm 6/29/11 5:40pm

Cisco Threw Their Flip Cams in the Trash

We knew Cisco was killing off the now-obsolete Flip cam, but did they really have to dump them into the trash can, like a used condom or empty box of Lucky Charms? And why'd they toss the globe paperweight? » 5/20/11 6:20pm 5/20/11 6:20pm

Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Router Is Their Newest Top of the Line

Not only does the latest Cisco/Linksys E4200 router look amazing for a router, it's got upgraded features from their older models, like 6 antennas and dual-band wireless-N. » 1/19/11 12:01am 1/19/11 12:01am

Former Apple Exec Mark Papermaster Snapped Up by Cisco

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Sorry, I mean Mark Papermaster—after getting booted from his cushy role heading up the iPhone hardware team at Apple, we've not heard of him for over three months. » 11/15/10 3:05am 11/15/10 3:05am

How to Video Chat From Your Couch Without Breaking the Bank

Video chatting—the future is now! But it sure is expensive. Between Logitech's Revue ($300 for the box and $150 for the cam), and Cisco's $600 Roman emperor-priced offering, you might feel left out. But you have (affordable) options. » 10/07/10 12:40pm 10/07/10 12:40pm

Cisco Umi Brings HD Video Conferencing To Your Living Room

Cisco's rumored telepresence-at-home system is now official and it's called Umi. The set up comprises a set top box, a remote, and a 1080p camera that sits on top of your TV. It's the new way to visit grandma! » 10/06/10 1:26pm 10/06/10 1:26pm

Cisco's Telepresence Video Chat is Expected for Homes Next Week

We've been hearing for a while that Cisco was wanting to get down with Joe Blow on the street, so it's not at all surprising to hear that next week they're rumored to unveil a "cheap" home-telepresence product. » 9/29/10 6:24am 9/29/10 6:24am