Upgrade Your Citibank iPhone App If You Want To Keep Your Personal Data…

Citibank's iPhone app accidentally saved private user data such as passwords, account numbers, and bill payments in a hidden file on phones. No security breach has been reported, however Citibank is urging its customers to upgrade their app to fix the flaw and delete any saved information. [WSJ via Fast Company] » 7/26/10 3:22pm 7/26/10 3:22pm

Nokia, Cingular Team for Pay-by-Phone Service in NYC

Nokia, Cingular, Citibank and Mastercard have all gathered around in a festive orgy to begin offering a trial pay-by-phone service in the NYC area. The cellphones will use the NFC (near field communications) credit card/cellphones and the already in-place Mastercard PayPass system. Folks will be able to walk up to a… » 12/15/06 11:06am 12/15/06 11:06am

Citibank Releases Biometric Finger Scanning Payment System

Citibank has developed a system of payment that uses a person's fingerprint as the conduit of sale. Over in the high-tech wonderland of Singapore, Citibank is releasing the biometric scanners at places where people's time is "more valuable," like train stations, coffee shops, etc. Right now, the biometric scanner is… » 11/22/06 9:35am 11/22/06 9:35am