Citizen ITX21-5014 Watch Looks as Futuristic as It Sounds

Citizen has taken the futristic route with the ITX21-5014 watch from their Independent line. Behind the machine-like watch hands is a green LCD, turned 90 degrees to the left, that displays the digital date, time, alarms, chronographs and timers. The watch is finished off by a checkered band and engraving along the… »3/17/08 7:00pm3/17/08 7:00pm

Citizen i:Virt Bluetooth Watches, Convenient Without Being Completely Dorky-Looking

Until now, if you wanted a Bluetooth watch that could show you your cellphone caller ID info, usually you had to wear a cheap plastic monstrosity on your wrist. But Citizen has somewhat alleviated that problem, releasing i:Virt, a variety of five Bluetooth-compatible watches that don't look half bad. With a product… »10/23/07 2:16pm10/23/07 2:16pm

Citizen Develops Seismic Earthquake Early Warning Watch

There's nothing to stop Japan's infamous earthquakes, but there are better ways to get ready for them. Citizen is developing the Seismic watch to take advantage of the country's "Earthquake Early Warning" radio service. It will pick up the radio signal as much as 10 seconds faster than the cellular text-message… »10/15/07 12:15pm10/15/07 12:15pm