Citizen Scientists Are Helping Map the Aurora Like Never Before

The aurora borealis that took place on St. Patrick's day was spectacular, but aside from being the strongest geomagnetic storm in a decade, there's another reason it was special. It was the first time that thousands of citizen scientists tweeted about the aurora to help space weather scientists construct a… » 3/29/15 9:00am Sunday 9:00am

Here's How You Can Help Build a Quantum Computer

Quantum computers—theoretical machines which can process certain large and difficult problems exponentially faster than classical computers—have been a mainstay of science fiction for decades. But actually building one has proven incredibly challenging. » 3/21/15 6:04pm 3/21/15 6:04pm

Not Even Science Could Explain the Bacteria In My Apartment

Three years ago, I gently brushed fiber-tipped swabs against the surfaces of my tiny New York apartment. Microbes live everywhere, and I was gathering samples for genetic analysis — I wanted to identify my microscopic housemates. » 3/05/15 1:35pm 3/05/15 1:35pm

How To Dodge A Bullet Ant 12 Stories Up — In The Rainforest Canopy

In the final installment of Into The Amazon, LCA heads into the rainforest canopy, overloads the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, discovers a constellation of stars under her feet, then shows you how you can do all this yourself, for science! » 8/26/14 1:59pm 8/26/14 1:59pm

Into The Amazon: What To Do When Attacked By A Poo Bat

In part three of this series, Laurel actually gets into the Amazon, taking a swim after a reported lack of caiman sightings. That was after finding dozens of the world's most venomous spiders and prior to a close encounter with ayahuasca. » 8/22/14 4:34pm 8/22/14 4:34pm

NASA Wants You to Sift Through Its Astronauts' Photos

NASA has a problem, and it wants you to help. Since the 50s, it's amassed 1.8 million images of Earth from space—and it needs your assistance in working out exactly what they're of. » 8/19/14 7:07am 8/19/14 7:07am

The University of Oxford Needs Your Help Playing Guess Who with the…

Between the exotic illnesses, oppressive heat, and the fact that you're no longer the top predator, studying the Serengeti National Reserves' plethora of fauna is a challenge unto itself. However, through the University of Oxford's most recent citizen scientist program, you can help researchers better understand the… » 12/17/12 10:40pm 12/17/12 10:40pm