Here's a US map showing the constellation of city lights and highways

It's like staring at the night sky only instead of looking up to see stars and constellations, we're looking at the bright lights of cities connected by highways. A Reddit user superimposed state boundaries and interstate routes onto a NASA photograph of the United States of America at night to show how and why things… » 4/16/14 10:05pm 4/16/14 10:05pm

Interactive Graffiti Billboard Lets You Be Simultaneously Tough and Geeky

Finally, graffiti and technology have joined to create something beautiful. Mark Ecko is designing digital citylights that will consist of a giant LCD screen and a Bluetooth interface that will allow passerby's to "spray graffiti" by accessing the screen via Bluetooth. They will then be able to use their cell phone… » 8/23/07 7:30pm 8/23/07 7:30pm