This Interactive Map of Brooklyn Colors Every Building According to Age

One of the most incredible things about Brooklyn—and New York City in general—is the consistent commingling of the young and the old, the modern and the antiquated. And never have we seen anything that captures this quality quite like Thomas Rhiel's visualization of Brooklyn, which maps every building based on the… »8/01/13 12:20pm8/01/13 12:20pm

Researchers Create Computer Models of Staggering Drunks to Aid City Planning

A team of Welsh scientists have spent long nights camped out in a busy nightlife neighborhood of Cardiff from 11pm to 3am with one goal-studying the way Welshmen stagger when they're shitfaced in order to build an accurate computer model of the phenomenon. They aim to use their data to help city planners design… »7/24/08 11:45am7/24/08 11:45am