ClarityLife Phone: Good For Me and My Momma

If you're like me, you worry about your momma, even if you're just runnin' out to the grocery store. I used to like the Jitterbug, but ClarityLife phone might be what I should get her. It's got a big screen cuz her eyes aren't so good anymore, and it's got an amplifier that brings incoming voices up by 20 dB, cuz her… » 4/01/08 1:20pm 4/01/08 1:20pm

Honda to Mass Produce Hydrogen Cars in 10 Years

While I desperately could use a new car (OK, it's fine and I barely drive, but my ego could certainly use it), I have a hard time buying into any technology in the auto market. Gas prices are only getting worse (as we run out of the stuff) and hybrids are a bandage where we need stitches or maybe an amputation. But… » 12/28/07 8:37am 12/28/07 8:37am