First iPhone 4 Class Action Suit Filed Against Apple and AT&T (Updated)

The first iPhone 4 class action suit against Apple and AT&T has been filed today in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. The lawsuit focus on the antenna design problems, making several claims: Updated » 6/30/10 11:12pm 6/30/10 11:12pm

Verizon Slapped With Wet Noodle for Crippling Bluetooth

Verizon has been getting weasely with some of its customers in California who bought its Motorola v710 Bluetooth- capable phone on or before January 31, 2005. Preliminary approval of the settlement was granted in a California court for a class-action suit against the company because it didn't accurately tell… » 1/24/06 1:15pm 1/24/06 1:15pm

Xbox Lawsuit, a Tad Premature?

Robert Byers probably didn't play through one whole game before bringing a class action lawsuit against Microsoft's Xbox 360. This Chicago man's proposed class action claims: » 12/06/05 9:45am 12/06/05 9:45am

Basically, Bob says that the power supply and CPU overheat, messing up the heat-sensitive chips and then locking up the whole console. Which we…