BlackBerry Classic Review: Good at Being a BlackBerry, and Not Much Else

Let's talk about the word "classic." Classic can mean "timeless," as in an ageless beauty that never fades or a joke with a punchline that always hits. It can also mean "old," like the candy red '57 Chevy you'll probably never see on a modern highway. Which one describes the BlackBerry Classic? Take a guess. »1/21/15 11:07am1/21/15 11:07am


Sweet-Talk and Bitters: The Secret to Reimagining the Classic Cocktail

I unscrew the top of the small, clouded vial in front of me, and siphon a few drops of the smoky-smelling liquid inside into a dropper before dabbing them on my wrist. I lick, and the burning sensation strikes instantly. Just as I begin to think, "My god, what have I done?" it backs off, leaving only a subtle smolder. »1/20/12 6:00pm1/20/12 6:00pm

Colorware Adds Visual Spice to iPods, Better Scratch Protection For iPod Touch

We've covered Colorware's professional gadget painting in the past—and were more than satisfied after seeing their work close up, but their latest iPod coloring seems to be more than just cosmetic. The iPod Touch 2G color-coats the shiny silver metallic back with a color layer, which most likely handles fingerprints… »10/22/08 6:40pm10/22/08 6:40pm

Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane Is Remote Controlled, Costs Two Grand

Fans of classic speedboats can now reenact one of the most exiting races ever in their backyard pool with the remote controlled Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane. The boat is a 1:10 replica of the Arno XI, which zoomed to a 1953 record-shattering 150.49mph. It's almost 3 feet in length, weighs 16 pounds and can be… »10/22/08 2:30am10/22/08 2:30am

Toshiba's 1.8-Inch 120GB and 240GB Drives Appear (Uh, Where's the 240GB iPod?)

Today, right after Steve J. rolled out a "thin" 120GB iPod classic, Toshiba announced its 120GB 4200rpm 1.8" drive, a new high for that slimmer single-platter config. Everybody knows that's the drive for classic iPods. But Toshiba also showed off a fatter 240GB that would fit snugly in the spot where that 160GB drive… »9/09/08 6:04pm9/09/08 6:04pm

iPod Classic Gets 120GB Boost For $250, 160GB Discontinued

The iPod classic looks like it's getting the runt's end of the "Let's Rock" magic wand today-with boosted storage to 120GB for $250, up from 80GB for the same price. And it's death for the 160GB thickie, matching the Zune's lineup to a tee. Same form factor and colors as last time. Now, the largest iPod money can… »9/09/08 1:17pm9/09/08 1:17pm

Last Minute Apple Leaks on New iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic and Touch?

AppleInsider »9/09/08 9:21am9/09/08 9:21am claims to have two independent sources confirming identical information about upcoming Apple iPod refreshes. The biggest overhaul appears to be on the iPod nano, which would explain we've seen on the device. It will come in nine colors and be the first non-touch iPod to support a motion/orientation…