The Adorable Mini-Sports Car Has Gotten a Remarkable Upgrade

As you may or may not remember, a few years ago we posted photos of these incredible, half-scale sports cars that—despite being called "children's cars"—are more badass than any car any adult could ever hope to own. And although the junior cars' visionary, Nathan Redfearn, was getting ready to shut down production,… »6/24/13 5:56pm6/24/13 5:56pm

17 Classic Car User Interfaces, Otherwise Known as Dashboards

Sure, your car dashboard »9/10/08 3:40pm9/10/08 3:40pm may have a lot of cool buttons and computer displays, but chances are it lacks something that many classic cars have in abundance. A little something I like to call "style." OObject has put together a list of 17 classic cars (and even one new classic in the Audi TT) that fall into this classy…