This Infographic Shows How a Story Can Hit Big Without the Internet

Remember books? You know, the most distributed content-delivery technology ever? Folios may be on their way out, and internet content may reach more people than ever, but it's pretty amazing to look at how widely our favorite narratives have been distributed. Who knew that Pride and Prejudice has had more editions… »11/17/13 4:14pm11/17/13 4:14pm

The New Monopoly Will Be Controlled by an All Powerful, All Seeing Tower

This fall, there'll be a new version of Monopoly called Monopoly Live that places a 10-inch tower right in the middle of the board. Why? Because that tower controls every aspect of the game: it rolls the dice, it calculates rent, it knows whose turn it is and where your piece is on the board, and knows exactly how… »2/09/11 10:00am2/09/11 10:00am