Video: Girl Cheats Claw Game In Creative Way

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Either this little girl is very ballsy or very, very dumb, but I have to give her credit for just going for it. Not content to be ripped off by one of those claw game scams, she just went for it, climbed up into the machine somehow, and picked her trophy. But the fun comes when a little boy—presumably… » 7/14/08 7:32pm 7/14/08 7:32pm

How I Survived a Japanese Game Show: The Gigantic Human Prize Claw Game

The new episode still follows most of the tired reality show conventions and spends too much time on the stunningly boring contestants, but the brief game show events still impress. This week's challenge: become a human claw game, picking up prizes as teammates control your x, y and z axis movement. This challenge… » 7/04/08 11:30am 7/04/08 11:30am

Moron Kid Gets Trapped Inside a Crane Game, Still Doesn't Get a Prize

I'm pretty sure when I was young, kids this dumb were sent out into the wild and only allowed back into society after they'd done battle with rabid wolves and survived, to ensure accordance with Darwin's law. Anyways, look kid, the crappy, Chinese-made stuffed toys inside, they're not actually worth it-not the… » 4/17/08 7:30pm 4/17/08 7:30pm