How To Finally Get Your Desktop Under Control

It's easy to dump shortcuts, files and other miscellany on to your desktop for quick access or for convenience's sake, but before long you can be left with a forest of icons and thumbnails obscuring the wallpaper beneath. If your desktop could use a clean up, we're here to tell you how to go about it. » 7/10/14 9:28am 7/10/14 9:28am

OSP Robot Is Human Sized Roomba For Oil Spills

Designer Ji-hoon Kim has come up with an ingenuous idea for cleaning up oil spills. Using various features such as boom control modules, solar panels, oil protection boom, communication modules, boom connectors, and propulsion modules the OSP robots work together to surround an oil spill site with an inflatable… » 3/04/08 4:10pm 3/04/08 4:10pm

Auto Paper Towel Dispenser Keeps Germs Off Your Lazy, Lazy Hands

Is there a worse combination than being cripplingly lazy and a total germophobe? You live in fear of situations like when you drop your sandwich on the floor, don't want to eat it, but just can't handle the thought of going through the effort of making another one. My God, your life is a constant struggle. » 6/22/07 11:00am 6/22/07 11:00am