Roofus Robot Eats Snow For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Roofus is a robot that can do the job of 25 men cleaning up snow. Which is great, because who wants to have a job in this economy? I mean, do you have caterpillar tracks, two electric motors, one petrol engine, capability to carry 550 pounds of snow on your back, remote control link, and your skin is shiny orange? If… »11/19/08 4:40pm11/19/08 4:40pm

Readybot is a Robot Maid for Cleaning Your Stuff, Version 0.1

It's hard not to watch this video of DIY robot Readybot and think "sweet... what's the next version like?" Looking like everyone's favorite trashcan-shaped sci-fi droid has collided with a dishwasher, Readybot's intended to be a home-assistant 'bot doing a maid's job, cleaning your house. It may be slow and primitive… »6/24/08 4:09am6/24/08 4:09am

Review: Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner is the Worst Gadget I Have Ever Used In My Entire Life

I've never been so thoroughly disappointed with a gadget than I am with the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner. You might have seen one of these in the aisles of Target or Wal-Mart and thought it would be an amazing way to keep your shower clean. After all, the Ad copy says, "It's like a MAID. Times TWO!"… »6/19/08 9:20am6/19/08 9:20am

Anti-Bacterial, Superheated Steam Cleaner Resembles Bird, Cleans to OCD Standard

This 1200-watt anti-bacterial steam cleaner cleans anything, apparently. Toilets, engine parts of 50-year-old Ferraris, tile grouting—even dirty minds come away purer than a nun's chuff* after a blast from this. Plug it in, fill the reservoir with water and anti-bacterial solution, wait three minutes and then spray… »3/04/08 5:52am3/04/08 5:52am