Gold-Framed, Dual-HDTV-Wielding, GSM-Controlled Bathtub Won't Get You Any Cleaner

Sometimes, I think that certain products are designed to remind the owner just how rich they are at all times rather than their supposed purpose. Take this ludicrous Red Diamond bathtub, for example. It's got not one, but two waterproof HDTVs, can be controlled wirelessly via a built-in GSM module, and it's built of… »5/23/08 12:40pm5/23/08 12:40pm

$100,000 Shower Makes Sure Your Most Valuable Body Parts are Clean

This right here is a $100,000 shower. It costs way more than your shower. What do you get for such a ridiculous price? How about 18 showerheads? Judging by the photo, most of them are all around you, but one powerful showerhead looks to be a, well, undercarriage cleaner, just in case you like having a fire hose shot… »3/06/08 12:00pm3/06/08 12:00pm