Man Survives Without Using Soap For 18 Months—Could You?

What would happen if you went a year and a half without washing with soap and shampoo? Would your girlfriend ditch you? Friends loathe having to invite you 'round? Or, like Richard Nikoley and Sean Bonner, would life just...go on? » 1/06/11 7:00am 1/06/11 7:00am

Double Click Your Body to Cleanliness With the Soap Mouse

We've seen washable mouses and mouses you don't need to wash before, but have you ever thought of possibly washing yourself with a mouse?
» 2/18/09 1:30am 2/18/09 1:30am

Shopping Cart Washing Machine Ensures at Least One Thing in the Grocery…

Shopping carts are festering hotbeds of germs and disease, or so one would think seeing the expense Chevy Chase Supermarket has put into installing shopping car washing machines in their store. » 7/23/08 11:30am 7/23/08 11:30am

Gold-Framed, Dual-HDTV-Wielding, GSM-Controlled Bathtub Won't Get You…

Sometimes, I think that certain products are designed to remind the owner just how rich they are at all times rather than their supposed purpose. Take this ludicrous Red Diamond bathtub, for example. It's got not one, but two waterproof HDTVs, can be controlled wirelessly via a built-in GSM module, and it's built of… » 5/23/08 12:40pm 5/23/08 12:40pm

$100,000 Shower Makes Sure Your Most Valuable Body Parts are Clean

This right here is a $100,000 shower. It costs way more than your shower. What do you get for such a ridiculous price? How about 18 showerheads? Judging by the photo, most of them are all around you, but one powerful showerhead looks to be a, well, undercarriage cleaner, just in case you like having a fire hose shot… » 3/06/08 12:00pm 3/06/08 12:00pm

Spin and Mist Your Way to Cleaner Air With the Antibac2k

Is your air too dirty to merely filter? Then check out the Antibac2k. This little rotating sphere one-ups all of the gigantic air filtration systems in the US by proactively sending out an air filtration mist that rids your room of bacteria and dust. Think of it as Purel for the air. And if that's not enough, the… » 10/01/07 5:00pm 10/01/07 5:00pm

Cellphone Bacteria Warning: Not for the Squeamish

Okay, now that you're done with lunch it's time to gross you out. A UK newspaper reminds us that cellphones are just downright disgusting, and are even dirtier than toilets. That's because they're exposed to much more bodily bacteria than any toilet seat. A combination of being near your mouth with all that spit and… » 8/03/06 4:43pm 8/03/06 4:43pm