Man Climbs 300-Foot Radio Tower, Lives There Six Days

A 25-year-old Oklahoma man climbed a Clear Channel radio tower to avoid being captured by security guards who spotted him in a restricted area. Not the brightest move, but he did evade his pursuers for six days. » 8/16/11 11:04pm 8/16/11 11:04pm

Digital Billboards Hacked in Southern California

A well known 18 year old graffiti artist that goes by the name "Skullphone" has expanded his repertoire of vandalism to include 10 digital billboards around L.A. Earlier this week, onlookers were treated to Skullphones's calling card in between the normal ads running on the display. Nice work dude, let's hope that the… » 3/25/08 6:53pm 3/25/08 6:53pm