IceBar Waterproof iPod Nano Speaker Case Keeps Your Tunes Afloat

The iceBar moves the party stereo from the poolside into the pool, securely holding your iPod in a waterproof polycarbonate case. It floats, too, though it has a wrist strap if you're worried about it drifting off. The nano's clickwheel, power and mute functions are all accessible with the case on. The iceBar does… »7/18/07 5:30pm7/18/07 5:30pm

Okwap S868 Windows Mobile Smartphone With Virtual Click-Wheel

Just when you think HTC's dominated the market, OKWAP's S868 Pocket PC phones comes out and shows that HTC's not the only Taiwanese brand that can make good Windows Mobile smartphones. The S868 runs WM5 Pocket PC Edition (the non-gimped, touchscreen one) and has an Intel PXA270 416MHz Processor, 128MB ROM, 64MB RAM, a… »1/31/07 7:45pm1/31/07 7:45pm

Another Apple Lawsuit, This Time Re: Click Wheel Patent Infringement

In another giant twist of the decade, another company has decided to slap Apple with a lawsuit. This is becoming a common occurrence with LuxPro doing it and all of the Cisco shenanigans. This time Quantum Research Group is suing Apple claiming that the charge-transfer technology using in the iPod Click Wheel… »1/23/07 1:12pm1/23/07 1:12pm