The Vicious Cycle Emerging Between War and Severe Weather Will Be Hard To Stop

The world has changed a lot in the past 12 months, with political conflict focusing the world on immediate crises, not the distant future. But a group of scientists are are showing how these conflicts will affect our ability to adapt to climate change down the road–and our ability to survive as a human race. »11/18/15 1:40pm11/18/15 1:40pm

Drought Vigilantes Take Matters Into Their Own Hands To Identify the "Wet Prince of Bel Air"

Last month, the Center for Investigative Reporting named a single property owner in Los Angeles as the top water guzzler in California: This person used an astonishing 11.8 million gallons in one year. This person was also given the best nickname ever: “The Wet Prince of Bel Air.” »11/10/15 3:00pm11/10/15 3:00pm

See How Rising Sea Levels Will Ruin the World's Great Landmarks

Rising sea levels caused by unchecked carbon emissions are threatening coastal regions around the world. A new series of paired images projects two very different future scenarios—one in which we manage to hit our carbon pollution targets, the other showing the dire consequences of staying on our current course.
»11/09/15 11:30am11/09/15 11:30am

Bill Gates Says Our Energy System Is Broken And He's Giving $2 Billion To Fix It

Infectious diseases like polio and malaria might be gone in 15 years because the founder of Microsoft devoted a foundation to eradicating them. Now Bill Gates has turned his attention towards our global energy crisis, which he thinks can also be fixed with better R&D. And, yes, he’s going to fund it. »11/04/15 8:30pm11/04/15 8:30pm

The Mass Die-off of Saiga This Spring Was Much Worse Than We Thought

This summer, we were horrified to learn that 60,000 endangered saiga dropped dead in Central Kazakhstan over the course of four days, with the total death toll for the month of May pegged at 120,000. But it was even worse than we realized: According to new estimates, at least 211,000 saiga, 50% of the species, died… »11/03/15 11:40am11/03/15 11:40am

The Melting Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Heading Towards Irreversible Collapse

Computer models suggest that the melting West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is melting at a rapidly accelerating rate. A new computer simulation shows that at current melting rates, the ice sheet will hit a critical point in about 60 years, and could result in a sea level rise of as much as 10 feet over the next several… »11/02/15 3:00pm11/02/15 3:00pm

Here's How Much America's Infrastructure Is Worth Compared to Other Countries

Americans tend to think of the US as a leader in building–while simultaneously worrying over the state of its crumbling infrastructure. So when it’s compared dollar-to-dollar to the rest of the world, how much are our skyscrapers, highways, airports, and factories really worth? »10/29/15 12:40pm10/29/15 12:40pm