Glacier National Park Is On Track To Be Glacier-Free By 2030

When Glacier National Park was dedicated in 1910, this stunning span of the Rocky Mountains on the Montana-Canadian border counted over 150 thick, morphing ice sheets that gave the park its name. One very warm century later, there are only 26 glaciers here. And by 2030, scientists warn, that number could be zero. »11/26/14 6:30pm11/26/14 6:30pm


Watch the Global Hawk Hunt For Water Vapor In the Name of Science

Very little water vapor ever rises above the troposphere (where the majority of Earth's weather occurs) but the little bit of vapor that makes it to the stratosphere is kind of a big deal. One recent study suggests that just a one to two percent increase in mid-stratospheric humidity can retain up to twice as much… »1/24/13 12:00pm1/24/13 12:00pm