Treebot Will Find You, No Matter How High You Climb

Climbing-capable robots have been around for a while now, but none accomplish the task quite like the Treebot. This inchworm-like automaton, built by researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is essentially blind. It relies on tactile feedback from its front and rear gripping claws, rather than through a… » 5/18/11 8:20pm 5/18/11 8:20pm

Twitter Scales Mount Everest. Is Nowhere Sacred?

Climbing Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous, physically challenging things a human being can do. You'd think that if there were one place on Earth that could convince people to leave their phones at home, that would be it. You'd be wrong. » 5/06/11 1:20pm 5/06/11 1:20pm