Listen to the wisdom of an 80-year-old alpinist still climbing mountains

Sir Chris Bonington's is one of the best British mountaineers of all times. And, at his 80 years old, he still climbs mountains. Perhaps lacking some of the strength he had years ago, but with such determination that he makes me feel old—and I'm almost half his age. » 12/30/14 12:08am 12/30/14 12:08am

These Daredevil Bridge Climbers Are Out of Their Bloody Minds

These kids think that climbing the cables of the Moscow Bridge in Kiev is a lot of fun. And they are probably right. I'm freaking out by just looking at the video. [Thanks Karl!] » 9/15/11 5:40pm 9/15/11 5:40pm

This Firefighter Climbs Buildings Faster Than Spider-Man

The World Police and Firefighters Games 2011 happened last week in New York. They came from all over the world to compete but also to celebrate the heroism of these people who save lives risking their own every single day. » 9/06/11 5:20pm 9/06/11 5:20pm

I Wish I Had the Balls to Risk My Life Like This Man

Swiss climber Ueli Steck is one of my personal superheroes. Watch this video of him beating a climb speed record on the Eiger—a 13,025-foot mountain in the Bernese Alps—to understand why. » 8/26/11 10:20am 8/26/11 10:20am

Treebot Will Find You, No Matter How High You Climb

Climbing-capable robots have been around for a while now, but none accomplish the task quite like the Treebot. This inchworm-like automaton, built by researchers at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is essentially blind. It relies on tactile feedback from its front and rear gripping claws, rather than through a… » 5/18/11 8:20pm 5/18/11 8:20pm

Twitter Scales Mount Everest. Is Nowhere Sacred?

Climbing Mount Everest is one of the most dangerous, physically challenging things a human being can do. You'd think that if there were one place on Earth that could convince people to leave their phones at home, that would be it. You'd be wrong. » 5/06/11 1:20pm 5/06/11 1:20pm

18 Items Used to Conquer Everest

The Everest climb is a notoriously nasty expedition. Here's an inside look at some of the gear used to climb that icy mountain fortress, from the earliest expeditions to today's tech-filled ventures. » 12/24/10 2:00pm 12/24/10 2:00pm

British Man Climbs Up Side of Building Using DIY Vacuum Gloves

As part of a BBC science show called Bang Goes the Theory, inventor Jem Stansfield climbed up the side of the 140-foot BBC building using "vacuum gloves" made from an ordinary vacuum cleaner. » 7/25/09 12:00pm 7/25/09 12:00pm