Mysterious HTC CLIO200 Data Device Appears on FCC

The closest HTC device we could match this to is the Shift, a UMPC device that runs both Vista and Windows mobile—but the connection's tenuous at best. What we do know is that the butt-side of this thing has air vents and a battery pack, which makes us think that this is a data-device instead of Sprint Mogul or… » 11/29/07 10:28pm 11/29/07 10:28pm

And the Best Ad of the Year Is: A Washing Machine Spot?

The best-in-show winner of the Grand Clio ( Clios » 5/14/07 9:40pm 5/14/07 9:40pm are like the Oscars for advertising) went to this ad for the Aqualtis washer. While it's clever—and definitely better than Sony's —I'm not sure it's better than their ads, which also got a nod. What were your favorite spots this year? Breathe a word of any Geico…